LinkedIn has launched a new video series as part of its broader focus on original content, which will highlight a range of people who’ve dealt with significant setbacks in their careers and have still been able to achieve success. So, in short, LinkedIn’s launching a new video series that showcases ‘Snow White’ (underdog, etc.) stories.

That’s Original

Called ‘Catalyst’, LinkedIn’s new video series will feature a range of stories, highlighting inspirational people in a variety of fields. As per LinkedIn:

“Catalyst is the second series unveiling from LinkedIn Editorial Productions, and is a major shift in the creative look and feel from past LinkedIn News video content. The documentary-style, first-person narrative series shares stories directly from notable individuals who have faced challenges that could have been the end of their businesses or careers, but instead inspired them to make a change, think outside the box, and discover opportunity on the other side.”

The series has been led by CNN veteran Courtney Coupe, who moved over to LinkedIn to lead its original content efforts last September. Original content has become a bigger focus for the app, as it looks to build on its ‘record levels’ of engagement and institute a more entertaining and informative in-app experience.

LinkedIn’s personal content team now has more than 250 staff members around the world, creating everything from white papers to podcasts, to video programming, and many more. This expanded focus on original content is part of the platform’s broader plan to make LinkedIn the key hub for professional content, with a range of features and tools to maximize user time.

In this respect, the Catalyst program is a significant step, allowing LinkedIn to move into more professional production, on a much larger scale, which, again, could help to embed the platform as the key destination for this element.

The Wrap

It’s nothing too big; on the topic of updates, it’s not big at all. However, for critical marketers, it’s a good move on LinkedIn’s end, banking more on relatability that’ll eventually translate to better market performance, as opposed to focusing primarily on bettering direct sales elements.

We’re currently in a transitional period where more people seek authenticity and connection online, and not really ‘in-your-face’ offers that aim to sell something. As such, and being somewhat an established leader in inclusive practices, LinkedIn continues to pave the way forward when it comes to professionally building up one’s network, and properly scaling up their business efforts.