“LinkedIn continues to…” – Yes, we’ve heard, LinkedIn continues to see ‘record levels’ of engagement, and perhaps that’s true enough because recently, LinkedIn just reported an 18% growth in total user sessions, according to parent company Microsoft’s latest data.

Linking Up

Also based on the same report, LinkedIn’s revenue increased by 10%, driven primarily by growth in its Talent Solutions recruitment element. However, LinkedIn has warned that this will likely decline in 2023 due to a broader slowdown in hiring, particularly in the tech sector, where a lot of LinkedIn job postings stem from.

As LinkedIn explains:

“We once again saw record engagement among our more than 900 million members. Three members are signing up every second. Over eighty percent of these members are from outside the United States.”

After years, LinkedIn is finally closing in on a billion members – though, as always, it’s important to note that ‘members’ and ‘users’ are not the same and that LinkedIn is not close, at least at this stage, to having a billion ‘users’. So, just how many users does LinkedIn have? It’s impossible to say because only LinkedIn has the data, but some reports have suggested that it has around 310 million monthly actives.

The actual count may be a bit higher than that, especially given its ongoing increases in engagement, but again, it’s all speculation, given our lack of oversight of LinkedIn’s actual engagement data. Either way, it’s important to separate ‘members’ and ‘users’. While we don’t have in-depth usage insights, LinkedIn has provided more specific notes on engagement trends of late:

  • LinkedIn members viewed 22% more Feed Updates in 2022 YoY.

  • LinkedIn members conducted 25% more public conversations on LinkedIn YoY.

  • Newsletter creation was up 10X year-over-year.

These are some of the elements that have contributed to LinkedIn’s ‘record levels of engagement’, which is kind of textbook now since it has been reporting such since 2018. It might be true that LinkedIn is seeing more engagement, but it might not seem as big of a deal as it is, given LinkedIn’s reporting M.O.

The Wrap

Then again, a 22% increase in Feed engagement is significant. With this in mind, it could be worth making LinkedIn a bigger focus in your 2023 marketing plan. Again, the platform does note that it will be impacted by the economic downturn, which could reduce some of these stats, but the numbers do show that LinkedIn’s becoming an increasingly popular place for people to talk about professional topics, generating extra exposure and engagement. The numbers, in this context, are pretty noteworthy.