With the holidays creeping in ever closer, Meta is pumping out as many creator updates as possible. Meta hopes to encourage people to post as much as they can to its apps, thus maximizing the holiday break. On that note, Meta has recently announced a range of new Instagram Reels creation tools. Meta is honing in on the short-form format, prioritizing Reels and Stories elements, including more filters and updated audio options.

Reely Creative

To start, Meta is adding new English text-to-speech voices to choose from, along with new font styles. Text-to-speech has become a trend of its own, and these new voice options should improve interest. Likewise, alternative text fonts will also expand your creative presentation options.

Meta is also testing its capacity to add clips with audio to Reels via Meta’s GIF “Clip Hub.” The hub allows users to add popular memes to their photos and videos, providing another engaging creation option.

Oh, and Meta is also updating its drafts process:

“We’re making it easier to edit your in-progress reels by giving you a streamlined view of all your saved drafts. Not sure which draft you were editing? Soon you’ll be able to preview your drafts, rename them, and schedule them in advance.”

That could be of benefit to Social Media managers who are posting from mobile. On top of that, Meta is also rolling out new photo filters, including a range of tone shifts and styles. At the same time, Meta is adding search tool improvements to your device’s camera roll. Among the upgraded features are improved previews and the ability to zoom in and search.

Lastly, Meta is also rolling out several updates for its Reels insights, including replay stats. Meta mentions that it has also updated the definition of “Reels Plays”, which now includes replays. That could potentially see an increase in user Reels Plays stats. Furthermore, the company is also working on a new Retention Chart for Reels content, better-highlighting clip performance.

These new Instagram Reels creation tools sound interesting. At the very least, these mark Meta’s latest efforts ahead of the holiday push. Those looking to double up their numbers during the holidays can look forward to when these updates drop.

The Wrap

There are several new Instagram Reels creations tools that Meta has released over the last months. Among those tools are an updated Reels composer UI; a new audience controls for Reels and Feed posts; a new sticker creation process; and new engagement milestone badges for creators. With more people scrolling through their social Feeds during the holidays, Meta is looking to seize the opportunity. These new options help it do just that, thus sparking more Reels and Stories interest.