YouTube continues improving the YouTube Studio experience, greatly benefiting creators and content managers. YouTube’s new Studio insights element lets users see how many clips have been created from their uploads. YouTube’s new clip insights also show how many views clips have subsequently generated, helping guide content direction.


New YouTube CEO Neal Mohan shared an example in YouTube Studio’s new ‘Clips’ section. Now, users will see a complete list of the clips cut from their content, along with other pertinent details. In short, YouTube’s new clip insights tell you the who, when, what, and how many views your cut content has generated.

That will provide more context as to which of your videos are driving higher engagement and are seeing heightened reach. While that may not sound like much, remember that YouTube leans heavily on analytics to guide channel growth. Studio further equips creators and channel managers with the creative capacity to boost their content performance. As such, this update makes YouTube Studio a more significant consideration.

These new clip insights could help you better strategize and boost your content appeal. At the very least, they can help users understand which parts of your videos drive the most interest. For example, the new insights tell you which comedic moments in your videos work best, and which tips resonate. In a nutshell, YouTube is working harder to help you identify which parts of your videos see maximum engagement.

YouTube is always adding more analytics elements, which is not too surprising given how it is owned by Google. Similar to its Shorts remix analytics, the update provides insight into expanded Shorts engagement, as well as musician song usage. YouTube Studio is slowly becoming a comprehensive hub that allows you to control the various aspects of your video.

The Wrap

YouTube’s new clip insights give users an expanded view of their content impact, which could influence their planning. Moving forward, YouTube and its Studio app continue doubling down on initiatives that help better inform creators about what works. If you have not yet explored YouTube Studio and its offerings, then now is a good time to do so.