YouTube’s looking to improve its channel display options, thus helping creators maximize engagement, along with a range of new sorting and categorization that are on the way to help channel visitors find more relevant in-stream content and information.

That’s An Option

First off, YouTube’s making things a bit more personal by adding a new shelf of personalized ‘For You’ recommendations for channel visitors, based on their viewing history. As per YouTube:

“We’re building a section that will recommend content from your channel for each individual viewer. It will be personalized based on the videos they’ve already watched, their topic affinity, and so on. Personalization will be especially effective if your channel has multiple topics, languages, or content formats.”

This will help ensure that each channel visitor receives a more customized display of your content aligned with what they are more likely to be interested in. On the other hand, Channel Managers can also exclude certain content types, as well as set parameters around what gets displayed, should they choose to do so.

It could be a more specific way to maximize engagement, by guiding users to your videos that they’ve yet to see, as opposed to simply letting them sift through entire lists. Oh, and YouTube’s also bringing back ‘Sort by Eldest’ as a channel filter, which it removed last year as a result of adding separate filters from Shorts and Live-streams. With the separate content filters, ‘Sort by Oldest’ could no longer be supported, but now, YouTube has rebuilt the system to once again provide this option.

YouTube’s also looking to simplify its channel display by hiding tabs where no content is present, or the information is accessible in another element. The idea is that this will declutter the Channel page display, while also making room for future additions. On this front, YouTube also previewed some upcoming additions, including a ‘Courses’ tab for channels that have courses enabled, a ‘Releases’ tab for musicians to showcase their latest albums and tracks, and the capacity to include links in your header overview.

The Wrap

YouTube also recently added a ‘Podcasts’ tab for channels that support or prioritize podcast content, providing more ways for visitors to filter and search for related content from your home presence. Nonetheless, these are some handy updates, which could help drive improved discovery and interaction, by streamlining the process and simplifying the channel display. Granted, while none of them can be considered game-changers, they could cumulatively have a significant impact on performance.