YouTube’s expanding access to its Community Posts feature, allowing all creators to activate the option, providing users with another means to interact with their YouTube audience. Community Posts live on your YouTube channel, providing you with a text-based way to keep your subscribers informed of updates and notes, similar to other Social Media apps.

Available to The Community

Originally, the option was only available to channels that had over 1,000 subscribers, but for this week, all YouTube channel managers will be able to activate Community Posts via the Advanced Features tab. As YouTube puts it:

“You can sign up for advanced features by going to Studio > Settings > Channel > Feature eligibility. Once there, opt into advanced features, or you can tap the plus sign in the YouTube app, tap create a post, and if you don’t yet have access to advanced features you will be prompted to verify at this point.”

YouTube has also added a couple of extra features to Community Posts over the past year, among which are polls, quizzes (coming soon to iOS), disappearing updates, and more. As noted, that provides more ways for users to engage with their YouTube community and could prove to be a valuable complement to your presence building in the app.

The Wrap

It may not be much, given how this most recent ‘update’ is basically increasing the accessibility pool, but it’ll be worth experimenting with either way. If you’re not yet seeing the option to activate Community Posts in your version of YouTube or YouTube Studio, it’s coming soon.

The things with expansions, while they do carry a certain level of risk/uncertainty, they also act as the best-proving grounds to test out new capabilities without having to worry much about negative outcomes. Furthermore, if you’re an aspiring creator somewhere who’s steadily growing their following, then an expansion like this might be just what you need to get that lucky break.