Going past the large, swirling clouds of chaos that are the large-scale changes at Twitter, the platform is also working on several smaller tweaks and updates, which may or may never get released, but could provide valuable functionality for many users. That latter part is what’s really important – if Elon Musk wants more people to go on Twitter and eventually start paying for its more ‘exclusive’ features, then he really has to make it more appealing.

In Reply

First off, Twitter’s testing the ability to search through your likes, allowing users to find out who has specifically liked their Tweets. The main draw here is that they could help users glean a little extra context when reaching out to someone, or simply another way to understand who’s responding to your Tweets. Yes, while the notion of monitoring whoever’s interacting with your Tweets sounds a bit egotistic, there are certain marketing benefits to identifying the ideal people to engage.

Though a bit anticlimactic, lastly, Twitter’s also experimenting with new timeline settings, which would provide users with more control over their timelines and pinned lists. Something to also note, Twitter’s developing an option that would enable you to hide your Tweet view counts, which would provide another way to manage your in-app activity.

As noted, all these are primarily in test mode, with Twitter Engineer Andrea Conway posting them from public opinion, before exploring further development. Despite this, they could still come in handy, and while they’re by no means game changers, smaller tweaks like these could be significant for certain users, making it easier for them to manage their activity.

The Wrap

In short, Twitter is mainly in ramp-up mode with its experiments as it has to somehow find a way to both generate more money and grow its user base. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s one thing that Musk believes he can, for the better of the company. If for some reason, that Musk can pull this off, then we all could be looking at a new Twitter; not really ‘better’, but new. Twitter would no longer be the ‘Public Square’ of news and updates, but more the ‘Public Freedom Wall’ where users are allowed, to a higher extent, to share their opinions, beliefs, perspectives, and what have you – minus the whole racist, derogatory, and hateful speech that’s currently connoted with Musk’s recent actions.