X is making it easier to report rule-breaking content in the app via an improved X content reporting flow. The update makes it easier to specifically highlight user concerns in a few clicks, vastly improving process convenience. With X essentially not having a dedicated customer service team, enhancing its self-help capacity is a beneficial tradeoff.

Content Rivers

As seen in this example, the improved X content reporting flow allows users to choose from more specific violations when reporting a post. After selecting the main issue, users later receive a secondary checkbox for their chosen topic. Once you have selected your concern parameters, hitting submit sends your report to X.

Once your report is logged, a screen appears highlighting potential actions you can take. The process also gives you an overview of your next steps, and what the X team will consider during review. That is a more streamlined way to submit reports on concerning posts, potentially helping X address some key concern areas.

That would help X improve its response times and internal resources, which X also looks to build on. According to Elon Musk, X is also refining its internal workflow for user reports, updating its previous process. Musk described it as being a “Kafkaesque Nightmare.” Musk mentions that the company will also add more resources to review user reports.

Addressing violative material, particularly related to child abuse content, has been a key emphasis point for Musk. At the same time, Musk has also vowed to provide additional transparency on the platform’s decisions. That would help X avoid making questionable management calls on content. Even with content moderation, Musk chooses a “Free Speech” approach. This time, however, he is combining free speech with a simplified reporting flow, which should produce unique results. Other process improvements include increased staffing, with enhanced transparency.

The question, then, is whether or not X is doing enough to address key areas of concern. Various reports suggest that hate speech incidents are on the rise in the app. Meanwhile, others continue questioning Musk’s trustworthiness and diligence in addressing CSAM content.

The Wrap

The most surprising fact is how Musk could have somehow simply solved plenty of these issues. That is a noteworthy feat since these issues have plagued Social Media platforms for years. However, without external oversight, there is no way to know what is happening in the app. 

If you factor in X’s increasing API costs, then you can see just how limited the app’s oversight is. Either way, the new and improved X content reporting flow looks like an improvement. At the very least, it should lead to more direct in-app reports being submitted.