What are the top TikTok trends of 2023? For a platform like TikTok, crazy and entertaining content quickly gains momentum. Since TikTok’s algorithms reward participation, its most active creators are also the most successful. Usually. While there are outliers, TikTok had this to say:

“2023 on TikTok was the year we embraced the culinary delicacies known as girl dinners, shared know-before-you-go tips from the biggest concert tours of the year, asked ourselves “What can’t we make with cottage cheese?” and couldn’t stop thinking about the Roman Empire. From foolproof recipes to funny skits, throwback tracks, and thriving small businesses, the global community continued creating, connecting, and celebrating on TikTok, influencing culture and impacting lives.”

2023 Top Tiks

The “Year on TikTok” overview blatantly paints a picture of the top TikTok trends of 2023. In short, it is a rollercoaster ride highlighting all the noteworthy trends that sparked in-app engagement. Check out the official @tiktok clip showing several smaller trends and points of interest. If you have been tuning in, then some of these clips should jog your memory.

TikTok’s trend report highlights all of this year’s most popular videos. The top 10 clips among US viewers are:

  1. @dollievision: A mesmerizing makeup tutorial.

  2. @justinflom: If Iron Man was a real-world DIY project.

  3. @through.the.lleaves: The biggest domestic cat breed.

  4. @selenagomez: A relatable pre-flight routine worthy of universal adoption.

  5. @chrishoffish: If we sounded like him, then we would never shut our mouths.

  6. @thezachchoi: The ultimate food ASMR.

  7. @kaaaathhhhy: Smol dogge, big needs.

  8. @kristy.sarah: Actually satisfying onion-cutting.

  9. @tubbynugget: If you do not smile here, then consider seeing a pro.

  10. @bwpottery: A month’s worth of pottery fails.

On top of those, TikTok also shared the top 5 global clips and an overview of the key music trends in the app. Furthermore, TikTok also has a list of “Breakthrough Stars,” top celebrities, best-performing SMBs, educational clips, and more.

That last topic is particularly interesting, especially considering that TikTok aims to share more value-adding videos. In China, Douyin has to highlight beneficial and educational content to prevent the youth from being led astray. Of course, that is more in line with the CCP’s strict Social Media regulations. However, it seems like a beneficial push, at least to some degree.

The Wrap

In a way, that is one way to properly utilize TikTok’s massive reach. If you want to get a better handle on the top TikTok trends of 2023, then its “Year on TikTok” summary is worth a look. In closing, TikTok’s year-end clip collection is an ideal place to draw inspiration and potential ideas from. Likewise, if some of your favorite creators made it to the list, then that just goes to show what they are doing is working.