In case you did not notice, TikTok is as inclusive as it is unique. As part of Black History Month 2023, TikTok will launch a new webinar series. The two-part webinar series showcases some of the most innovative and successful Black-owned businesses in the app. TikTok’s new activation aims to inspire all business owners about broadening their reach and resonance.

Adding Color

TikTok will host the webinar series over two weeks and will include a range of speakers from Black-owned brands. These Black bosses will discuss how you can get the most out of TikTok and what TikTok has taught them. The guess list teases that there will also be direct input from TikTok’s training and sales teams.

That makes this a great opportunity to hear directly from those working in the app. At the same time, it gives people a better understanding of implementing best practices to increase in-app presence. A single sign-up gives you access to both sessions, which happens this and next Wednesday (2 PM ET).

Also, keep this in mind:

“All attendees will enjoy an exclusive discount on the Lark Enterprise plan and dedicated onboarding support.”

For context, Lark is:

“Lark is part of the Bytedance family of products, which includes TikTok, that helps businesses achieve greater business impact. Lark is an all-in-one communications and collaboration tool that can help cut your software costs by up to 80% and simplify your day-to-day tasks. With Lark, you can manage your workflows, customers, and people in one place.”

TikTok is currently at the peak of Social Media. Regardless, it keeps on releasing new and innovative projects that continue to highlight its diverse opportunities. Despite catching flak all these years, TikTok continues to lead in inclusive trends, making it more popular among minority groups.

The Wrap

TikTok has become ByteDance’s business management tool. Then again, maybe that is what ByteDance was planning from the start. All things considered, ByteDance has better integrations with TikTok, Capcut, Lemon8, and more. It is interesting to see ByteDance try to branch out to new areas by springboarding off of TikTok’s popularity. ByteDance is like that odd kid in class who manages to land As through unorthodox study methods. TikTok’s new webinar series might offer more insights that can influence and guide your strategies.