It’s been said numerous times before but we’ll say it again – TikTok is the most popular social app, especially among teens. With that, there also comes a level of concern around the content that teens come across in the app, and what TikTok’s algorithms are throwing their way to keep them hooked to the platform.

TikTok has faced significant criticism on this front and has even been banned in some regions for exposing youngsters to provocative, indecent content. Meanwhile, there are also concerns about predators in the app, which could further put kids at risk.

Is TikTok Safe?

To help with this, and as part of Brand Safety Summit, which was recently held in New York, TikTok has published a new overview of its various safety tools to provide parents with more insight into how to keep their kids safe in the app, along with being able to manage their time spend scrolling. Are you a parent? Then you’d likely want to have a copy of this. To help drive the point home, let’s take a look at some of the things the guide has to offer.

To set expectations straight, it’s a relatively simple and short guide, so anyone will find it easy to sift through. TikTok’s ‘Family Pairing’ lets parents or a guardian link their TikTok account to their teens’, allowing them to manage a variety of content and privacy settings, which include the following:

  • Account Management
  • Comments
  • Direct Messages
  • Screen Time Management
  • Search Settings

On the topic of screen time management, TikTok also incorporates mindful notifications that remind young users to also set time for work, study, play, and relaxation, not only on mindless scrolling. Members 13 – 15 won’t receive push notifications from 9 PM and those aged 16 – 17 from 10 PM. The thing with TikTok’s privacy approach is that it also gives control to the users and not just their parents. TikTok touts that privacy is a default for them, supplying younger users with age-appropriate privacy settings and controls. TikTok also has a ‘Youth Portal’ where teens can learn about best practices on staying safe online, along with having a positive experience while on the platform.

The Wrap

The end portion of the guide reminds everyone to promote kindness, which serves as a good way to counter the claims about its partially vulgar environment. Being the most popular app does have its perks, but it also has its downsides – one being that it also invites those who might have ill intent and motivations. Again, it’s a useful and informative guide that not only teaches parents and elders how they can improve their teens’ safety when they’re on the app, but also serves everyone a reminder of how TikTok is a place for fun and positivity.

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