TikTok’s new in-stream AR effects creation flow is rolling out to the main app! That will allow users to create their own custom AR effects and experiences directly in-stream.

As per TikTok:

“Now available globally, TikTok’s mobile effect editor allows creators to make effects for TikTok directly from the TikTok app – without having to download another app or tool – offering creators an advanced, end-to-end effect creation experience on TikTok that puts effect creation at your fingertips. That means anyone – no matter their skill level or access to advanced tools or software – can become an effect creator and make effects that spark trends on TikTok.”

Let It Flow

While TikTok’s new in-stream AR effects creation flow looks complicated, it is not. Well, at least not necessarily. Official examples show that TikTok’s new creator flow provides users with a range of options based on existing templates and assets within the app’s AR database. While users cannot essentially create completely new and original effects, they can maximize the use of existing ones. The benefit for users is that this update allows them to enrich their interactive experiences without investing extra resources.

The process is simple. Once the update drops, users can tap on the new “Create” option within the in-app “Effects” tray. After that, users are presented with an array of AR effect options they can choose from. 

“You’ll find an array of special effects that you can add to your creations with just a tap. And, just like with Effect House, you can work with all kinds of templates that allow for easier effect creation and more than two thousand assets you can use as part of your creations. Creators can also set triggers (like tap screen, smile, wink, and more) to build out interaction-based effects like randomizers and mini games.”

The good thing about TikTok is that almost everything that it dishes out is potentially engaging or entertaining. Like most TikTok releases, this new creation flow is likely to get the attention of many users. Likewise, more AR creation options open the door for a range of future opportunities. For example, allowing users to pay for more advanced AR effects helps position it better for mass adoption. 

The Wrap

Democratizing creation in this way seems to be the best path to maximizing your creative options. With more users contributing to uncovering key trends and experiences, engagement and traffic will also likely increase. As such, it is smart for TikTok to go with this kind of activation, especially as the holidays come in. So, if you are looking for something to spice up your holiday campaigns, consider checking out TikTok’s new in-stream AR effects creation flow.

(The update is available for v.32.1 Android, v32.0 on iOS).