TikTok is rolling out a new update for its UI and presentation on larger screens. Here is some good news for tablet and foldable device owners – TikTok launches an improved mobile version! Beyond the generic app store version of the app, tablets and foldable devices will be getting their own version of TikTok. If you are familiar with ‘Porting’, this is something similar, further expanding the app’s reach.

Mobile Up

Based on official image examples, TikTok is undergoing a redesign to better fit larger screens. Ironically, a bigger display (on a mobile device) improves the user experience. As TikTok explains:

“People can now watch their favorite videos on larger screens and experience a clear video feed, streamlined navigation bars, and orientation support that will take their TikTok journey to the next level.”

Furthermore, TikTok plans to add more topical discovery elements as a means to improve discovery on larger apps. That should play out well for TikTok since it is being used as a search tool by younger audiences.

TikTok’s updated tablet app will include “a more refined video Feed” with enhanced clarity on larger displays. On top of crisper visuals, TikTok on tablets has improved navigation, new slider bars, and landscape and portrait viewing support. While TikTok on tablets is not normal, there are certain merits to having a larger device. For one, tablet displays are larger and can have higher resolution and color accuracy. Secondly, a tablet’s larger frame can house more capable components, allowing for more functionality than mobile phones.

It is a handy update that expands TikTok’s usage options and gives people more ways to interact with TikTok content. While TikTok launches an improved mobile version, it is unlikely to spark a trend where everyone has a tablet instead of a phone. Tablets have their advantages, but they also have certain disadvantages. One major drawback is their size. Compared to smartphones, while still portable, a tablet’s awkward size makes it difficult to handle with one hand.

The Wrap

Overall, tablet usage can help TikTok reach more younger users. However, that may not be an entirely ‘good’ thing. TikTok wants more people to engage with its clips, but not everything on the app is wholesome. While TikTok launches an improved mobile version, always double-check if that aligns with your approach in any way to ensure that you maximize results.