Snapchat is taking the reins in leading virtual fashion to the next stage. Snapchat’s first virtual make-up drop spearheads the evolution of AR-powered fashion. The new activation allows Snap users to trick out their Bitmoji characters with, say, the latest E.L.F. lipstick.

Official examples show how users can now style their cartoonish avatars with new make-up. That opens up a plethora of opportunities for users to give their digital representations a fresh look. While it is a bit odd as a promotional exercise, as your Bitmoji is not a 100% representation of real-life users, virtual make-up try-ons do open the door for businesses to potentially expand digitally.

Drop It Like It’s In Style

There could be significant value in Snapchat’s first virtual make-up drop, especially considering the broader Metaverse shift. In theory, that should put more emphasis on digital avatars as a means to connect and represent ourselves online.

Snap has already facilitated a range of Bitmoji clothing drops, which allow users to freely dress up their characters. According to Snap, there are now over a trillion possible outfit combinations for Bitmojis. As a result, that leads to “creating endless opportunities for your digital wardrobe.”

True enough, higher adoption of virtual branding initiatives can impact real-world purchasing. On top of what was previously stated, Snap says that 74% of Snapchatters style their Bitmojis with the same brands they wear in real life. On that note, it is safe to assume that seeing yourself within the digital versions of products does reflect some form of shopping intent.

Perhaps the enthusiasm for trying on virtual clothing items can also extend to make-up. Such a shift would make this a rather important update indeed. Snapchat’s first virtual make-up drop could be a valuable future consideration for more beauty releases. At the least, it would be a good bet to say many other beauty brands will be paying attention.

Snap says that users can choose from 11 different shades of E.L.F.’s “O FACE Satin Lipstick.” If users opt to go with Snap’s new Try-On Lens integration, then they can try the lipstick out on their Bitmoji and themselves. Users can also purchase the product in-stream through a dedicated Bitmoji drop link.

The Wrap

It is an interesting angle for Snap and an even more interesting consideration. Snap is looking to improve the adoption of Bitmojis as a possible link to the next stage of digital connection. Regardless, Snapchat’s first virtual make-up drop is coming, and we are predicting it to be huge.