Looking to build your organic presence on Snapchat? Of course you are! If you want to maximize your resonance and reach with Snapchatters, then look no further. This week, Insider managed to nab a pitch deck that snap has been sending to users that have been selected for its ‘Snap Stars’ influencer promotion program

Snap Stars, as described by Snap, are:

…public figures or creators who bring some of the best and most entertaining content to Snapchat. Through their unique perspectives, Snap Stars give their audiences unprecedented access into a diverse and global set of interests, including the arts, beauty, news, gaming, music, and more.”

Making It Snappy

By signing up for the program, Snap Stars are eligible to have their content featured across the app. Once creators are accepted into the program, Snap provides them with a range of notes on how they can make more effective, app-specific clips and images.

As per Insider, these tips are:

  • Focusing on ‘day in the life experiences’ by posting 20 to 50 Snap stories a day, so that subscribers are engaged for longer.

  • Posting directly to the Snap Map, a feature that allows Snapchat users to see each other’s location, so that users who aren’t subscribed can easily discover your content.

  • Making a strong ‘tile’ on your feed, which is the most recent Snapchat photo or video taken.

  • Captivating viewers in the first one to three snaps so they watch the whole story.

  • Encouraging non-subscribers to subscribe a few times a week, and subscribers to turn on story notifications.

  • Using captions, since a lot of people watch stories with sound off.

  • Balancing commercial content with authentic personal content.

It’s quite the commitment. 20 – 50 Snaps a day sounds a bit excessive, even for younger users! It’s going to be hard for most businesses and people to provide consistently entertaining content at that scale. Still, as with all platforms, maintaining consistency and building presence is important, and simply showing up is already a big part of that. As such, it’s not surprising that Snap’s pushing regular posting. Even then, it’s a lot.

The Wrap

It’s hard to determine just what set of content generally gets good traction on Snapchat. ‘A day in the life of…’ type of content doesn’t have enough of a track record to merit automatic investment points. Many a-wannabe Snapchats have attempted the same before, and it sounds just as overkill with them as it does on the original platform. Perhaps if you’re entertaining enough, then that could better integrate your profile with your audience.

Directly posting to the Snap Map is also an interesting tip, which could help improve discovery, while managing how your profile appears in the app. Most tips mentioned here are pretty direct, and you’ve likely read one or two before. Really, it’s the recommended output rate that’s rather significant here. All-in-all, interesting food for thought, and do remember that these are platform-specific guidelines, so they stand to benefit niche influencers the most.