Enhanced 3D Bitmoji designs are coming to Snapchat! Snap’s Bitmojis is the app’s most popular form of 3D avatars, improving its capacity to stay relevant. As the web approaches the next phase of online connection, digital representation grows as a crucial element. If things go as Meta plans, then digital avatars will replace profile pictures as every user’s identifier.

3D 2x

This is a significant announcement. The Bitmoji upgrade will enhance the appearance of Snap’s 3D models, potentially facilitating broader use. According to Snap:

“The new avatar style improves characteristics like hair texture, face shading, and body proportions. Your Bitmoji can now have a bolder smile, a more astonished face when they’re surprised, and can express even the most subtle and nuanced emotions. Plus, we’re improving how you engage with your Bitmoji, like enhanced editing that allows you to modify your avatar in 3D, using zoom and rotating features to get a closer look.”

Snapchat’s enhanced 3D Bitmoji designs will interact better in 3D environments, which is valuable for the next connection phase. Given that, more people have grown keen on using their online avatars as personal proxies in emerging online spaces over the past year.

Meta started this trend with its Metaverse vision. One primary element of that evolving push is using 3D avatars and digital characters. In Meta’s view, people will eventually use digital depictions as interactive mediums within ever-changing digital environments. The notion originates from users who communicate with avatars in games like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Technically speaking, the next generation has normalized digital embodiment, pointing to new interaction opportunities. Gone are the days when games and digital avatars were labeled detrimental. As a result, that reinforces Meta’s current push for 3D avatars to guide users into its Metaverse experience. Meta keeps adding more ways to use avatars across its various apps, hoping to familiarize users with this type of communication.

Deepening comprehensive avatar design should enhance user alignment with these depictions, potentially easing the transition into Metaverse connection. At the same time, Meta is also introducing new commercial opportunities. Meta recently announced a new avatar clothing line by fashion house Valentino. That adds to its already-existing collections from Adidas, Puma, and more, further emphasizing the trend’s growing value. 

The Wrap

If the Metaverse goes according to Meta’s plans, then digital avatars will be the future of communication. Based on that premise, it makes sense for Snap to improve its Bitmoji characters, allowing it to stay aligned. In a world where avatars are the standard medium of interaction, enhanced 3D Bitmoji designs will help Snapchat maintain leadership. Meta might be the pioneer of next-level connection, but Snap has held its own against larger competition for years. AR and VR are core pillars for full immersion in digital environments, and Snap is well-versed in both. To conclude, Enhanced 3D Bitmoji designs may standardize avatar creation for the next stage of digital connection.