Do you have a one stop shop website that you’re posting on all of your Socials that have all of the links to everything about you? You have heard of things like linktree or Beacon but Jeff has stumbled upon a platform that is way better. Today on the show, Jeff welcomes Alex Montalenti, the founder of Real Grader to talk about the awesome Instacard. Don’t miss out.


Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Alex Montalenti?

  • How Alex started in real estate?

  • Realtor’s biggest challenge?

  • Burlington Internet Company building websites.

  • Solving problems for agents on the tech & internet side. 

  • “Submit your listings” & “Kids working out of a garage”.

  • 2018 Alex & his partner built a software.

  • What is the Instacard?

  • Why are paper business cards not effective?

  • Benefits of Instacard.

  • Key characteristics of a Social Bio.

  • How are the digital cards different?

  • Instacard is very intuitive and user-friendly. 

  • A walkthrough of the features of the Instacard. 

  • Instacards built-in audit system.

  • What are the capturing features of Instacard?

  • How do you edit your Instacard?

  • What images & visual features are there with Instacard? 

  • Want an easier way to get people to your reviews? 

  • Instacard is desktop compatible & can replace a website.

  • Check it out @

  • Are apps the way to go? Alex disagrees & shares why.

  • Instacard has the ability to request e-capture.

  • Go to for a special deal for this audience.

  • The value of authenticity.

  • The value of being able to choose what links you highlight.


Tweetable Quotes:

“I’m still here because real estate agents are still struggling with technology. 48% of 

realtors say keeping up with technology is their biggest challenge.” -Alex

“88% of paper business cards go in the trash in less than 2 weeks.” -Alex

“99.9% of business cards are trash…it is a waste of time, money, and trees” -Jeff

“We are the only ones who actually have totally customizable interface and totally 

customizable video display.” -Alex

“When somebody clicks on your website, most of the time you’re sending them to 

browse whatever they want to browse.”- Alex

“My first test was to have my nine-year-old and eleven-year-old build Instacards. If 

they could, realtors could build this.” -Alex

“Let’s say you change much does that suck…You have to get a 

whole new set of cards? With instacard, you select “change brands” and boom your 

digital card is updated and ready to go.” -Alex

“This has the capability to be its own CRM and is an absolute necessity.” -Jeff


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