Should You Pay To Be Meta Verified?

Meta is now allowing you to become verified in the United States for Facebook and Instagram. Jeff and Tristan discuss the process and whether or not it is worth it for you personally or for your business. Tune in.


Episode Highlights:

  • Tristan is on-board with Meta Verified. 
  • Is it viable to do business on Facebook and Instagram?
  • Jeff says Meta Verified offers more protection and security.
  • Go to ‘’ for more info and to signup for the waitlist.
  • What does the process to get verified look like?
  • Tristan showcases Facebook’s live agent chat feature.
  • Tristan: The prodigal TikTok son.
  • Look up SnapChat versus Facebook on Business Wars.
  • Will the government oust TikTok?
  • Tristan says, “Google Targeted Victory hired by Facebook”.
  • The anti-TikTokers. Will they win?
  • The real power of Facebook and Google is a big concern.
  • What can you learn about PR to grow your business?
  • Jeff hates non-organic growth.
  • Jeff’s funny parody video.


Tweetable Quotes:

“I am not verified on Twitter because I don’t know that I care.” -Jeff

“I don’t care about the checkmark because I don’t think it is going to carry the merit 

Anymore…” -Jeff

“Definitely look into getting verified…and it gives you someone to talk to if something 

goes wrong which is pretty big.” -Tristan

“What makes me the most crazy is the fact that people actually believe that the TikTok 

app is designed to make Americans dumb and Chinese people smart…no, Americans 

are getting dumb  by their own accord.” -Jeff

“I hate the thought of non-organic growth because it is manipulated.” -Jeff

“It is all what you do with the PR you get whether paying for it or not.” -Tristan


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