Today on the episode, you’ll get to hear a little more of back-to-the-basics on video while also touching on some of the new AI too with Jeff and guest, Nick Niehaus. They are also excited to announce a collaboration between Drunk on Social and Business Video School. Tune in!

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Nick Niehaus?

  • Nick explains different kinds of videos & ways to use them.

  • What is Business Video School and where/why was it conceived? 

  • Business Video School journey.

  • TikTok has changed everyone’s appetite for content. 

  • “How should they be using video?”

  •  Nick talks about the evolution of video.

  • How are you going to generate referrals? 

  • Are you too far behind? 

  • What does it look like to innovate? 

  • Start giving updates via BombBomb & see the impact it has.

  • Skills people to connect using videos.

  • How Real Estate Agents can enhance their business services w/video.

  • Getting conversations started using videos.

  • Marketing funnel videos &how to do them.

  • Focus based on what your customers respond best to.

  • Learn among peers for video is the Business Video School. 

  • AI and what opportunities it will bring.

  • What is “Be Human” AI?

  • Where does AI come in?

  • Leaning into authenticity will play in your favor. 

Tweetable Quotes:

“It is the only platform that exists that teaches really anybody how to do video at the 

most basic level to be able to do it on their own.” -Jeff

“There are so many different kinds of video and ways to use it…we really 

fundamentally see it as a form of communication.” -Nick

“Here is how to communicate with your ideal customers…here is how to make video 

messages…here is how to stay top of mind with the people in your sphere.” -Nick

“If you want to learn to use video, we will teach it to you from the very beginning.” -Nick

“A lot of our students kind of kick themselves and think they could have been doing 

this 3 or 4 years ago, it’s not that hard.” -Nick

“The reality is that if you’re not doing video at a higher level now, because of the way 

TikTok has changed our appetite for content, you’re going to get left behind…”- Jeff

“This is going to become so mainstream. There is no better time than the present to 

jump in.” -Jeff

“The people that care about their customers will use video communication.” -Nick

“You’re not failing to send video messages because the technology is too complicated, 

you just haven’t put the effort into doing it.” -Nick

“Enough with the excuses. Get committed. We are in 2023.” -Jeff

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