As part of its ShopTalk 2023 presentation, Pinterest has announced several new updates that’ll help retailers maximize their in-app opportunities, including catalog display via product feed ingestion, the expanded ability of its ‘Premier Spotlight’ ads, and the ability of users to shop via creations within its separate Shuffles app.

Decluttering Pinterest

First up is the catalog update – Pinterest claims that over the past year, it has seen a 66% increase in retailers uploading or integrating their digital catalogs into the app, which has contributed up to 70% (YoY) growth in active shopping feeds. Looking to further build upon this, Pinterest is also making it easier to build your Pin profile when you upload your product feed into the app.

As per Pinterest:

“When merchants connect their product catalog, Pinterest enables the products within it to be discoverable and shoppable via Pins, ads, and videos. Pins created via catalog upload get to take advantage of visual technology built for shopping, such as Virtual Try-On and Pinterest Lens. Merchants also receive a Shop tab on their Pinterest profile, making it easier for consumers to shop their products.”

Streamlined feed ingestion is a critical element in getting more merchants to list more of their products in the app. More products mean more opportunities for Pinterest to highlight more items to its buy-ready audience. Given this, it’s an important focus for Pinterest, as it looks to maximize opportunities for more business. Pinterest is also looking to make its prime placement ‘Premiere Spotlight’ ads available to more businesses.

Premiere Spotlight ads take up the top position on Pinterest’s search page, giving brands the chance to be front of mind as users browse through the app. That could be a valuable opportunity, and Pinterest is now opening up the option to more brands, after weeks of initial testing.

Lastly, Pinterest is also looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of its separate ‘Shuffles’ app, which enables users to make collages of product images, primarily sourced via Pinterest. The next stage is for Pinterest to essentially ‘Shopify’ these collages. The new update will display Pin detail on items displayed in Shuffle collages, while users can also view other collages that include the same item. Pinterest seeks to build in-brand and price comparison tools to help users find the best deals on a displayed item, or similar products, all powered by Pinterest information.

The Wrap

Shuffles has proven popular among younger audiences, which is a key market for the app. Gen Z could prove to be a valuable connector for Pinterest, especially in keeping up with relevant trends, while the capacity to display Pin product information in Shuffles will give brands on Pinterest more exposure opportunities. Overall, another set of handy updates for Pinterest aims to expand how brands can better get their products in front of shoppers.