What are the latest wedding trends and how can you tap into them with your promotions? This week, Pinterest has launched a new research report, in partnership with Zola, to provide insights into the big matrimonial planning trends of the season. As Pinterest explains:

“With more than 2 billion useful wedding ideas on Pinterest, and well over 2 million couples who’ve chosen Zola as their trusted partner in wedding planning, Pinterest and Zola are teaming up to reveal the biggest wedding trends of 2023, marrying Pinterest trends with Zola expert insights to showcase how couples can bring inspiration to realization throughout their entire planning process from engagement to newlywed life.”

Do You?

The report looks at all aspects of wedding and honeymoon planning, using Pinterest insights to highlight the biggest, rising trends of 2023. Key wedding trends of the season include ‘Maximalist Weddings’, alternative color palettes, including dresses sporting hot pink and emerald green, as well as sustainable celebrations.

There’s also an overview of the most popular wedding dresses, along with make-up and hair-styling options. Meanwhile, there are also insights into wedding party trends (black bridesmaid dresses are another key color shift), along with top honeymoon destinations.

  • Searches for ‘Morocco honeymoon’ increased by 75%

  • Honeymoon in Croatia +190%

  • Azores honeymoon +135%

  • Cape town honeymoon +60%

Based on Zola’s counts, the average cost of a wedding in 2023 is $29,000, with a range of these new trends being incorporated into the bridal celebrations, which could present a range of new opportunities for marketers.

The Wrap

If your business is related to the wedding industry or just plain like wedding and marriage events (despite not being the celebrant), then this report is worth looking at, and considering whether or not you can tap into the latest trends.

Pinterest, at least from a personal standpoint, has been one of the few, if not the only, platforms that periodically release comprehensive market and trend studies about wedding/marriage trends, which might be a niche topic for some, but apparently, this life stage is commonly searched enough and generates a significant amount of engagement to warrant its own marketing focus.