Meta has recently published a new study that looks at the short and long-term effectiveness of Meta ad campaigns, with a specific focus on the impact of its video formats, including Reels. Given its history, by now, this simply adds to Meta’s extensive library of in-house material and references which, for the most part, is more beneficial for its various users, since it supplies them with supplemental information to maximize their efforts.

Ads By The Views

The study, which Meta conducted in collaboration with Nielsen, looked at 12 CPG brands in the APAC region over three years to determine how Meta Ads have helped each business grow and maximize their ad spend. Among the key findings are:

  • Meta ads generated a 30% return on ad spend than TV ad campaigns.

  • Meta videos deliver the highest return on ad spend, with Reels and short video clips seeing the best performance.

  • Videos shorter than 15 seconds performed best for promotions.

As expected, there are some interesting notes within the dataset. You can check out the entire study here. Now, let’s discuss a couple of other notable insights, starting with Meta video ad impact measurement. It sounds complicated, and it is as a macro-process, but what this section basically tells you is that video ads do affect performance both in the short and long term. Meta identifies three impact indicators:

  • Situation

  • Challenge

  • Solution

Meta’s summative overview isn’t divided into specific sections, but the data presented do kind of speak for themselves. In terms of revenue and investment, the study finds that Meta ads generate a significant impact on brand sales, accruing a total RoAS of $2.3 and short-term RoAS of $1.4, which both outperform the RoAS you would get from TV ads.

It’s also noted how Meta is the most efficient platform across the other media channels also measured in the study, as well as how Meta videos are the most effective asset type among all Meta Ad formats. Campaigns run on Meta were found to be 30% more efficient as compared to TV.

The later parts of the overview include visual diagrams and graphs to better illustrate how Meta Video Ads can potentially impact your overall marketing approach and performance. For example, using ‘Tactical Drivers’, creating sub-15-second videos can result in an efficiency uplift of up to 76%, and that doesn’t include the other driver types yet.

The Wrap

It’s a substantial overview, despite only being a ‘summary’, which does speak well of the entire study. For even more insight, we recommend checking out and downloading Meta’s full report to really get a comprehensive breakdown of the various elements and strategies you can implement to take your Meta ad campaigning to the next level. Also interesting is how short-form is now the dominating content type across all of Social Media, with Meta surprisingly also including insights on its recent transition towards the format.