This might be a doozy, but digital marketing agencies take note: Meta just launched a new certification for businesses that will give you another way to showcase your Meta marketing expertise to prospective clients. This new push from Meta should help you promote your brand, gaining a bit of extra exposure by sharing your credibility and track record.

Meta Certified

The new program aims to highlight businesses whose staff have accumulated a level of knowledge about Meta’s platforms, vis-a-vis its ‘Blueprint’ training courses. As per Meta:

“A Meta Certified Company is a company or organization that is recognized for their advanced expertise on the Meta Platform. For the first time, we’re offering Certification at the Organizational level, awarded to companies who achieve a threshold of individual Meta Blueprint certifications in specific focus areas.”

So far, Meta offers five different company certifications, which are:

  • Meta Media, Certified Company

  • Meta Marketing Science, Certified Company

  • Meta Creative Strategy, Certified Company

  • Meta Community Management, Certified Company

  • Meta Spark, Certified Company

Each of these certification courses requires a percentage of your employees to have undergone the respective Blueprint training, which then enables you to apply for official recognition. What are these percentages exactly?

Based on official tables from Meta, 20% seems to be the minimum of your staff that have undertaken individual certification courses via Meta’s Blueprint offering. Of course, these courses are free, but taking the actual certification exams does cost money. So, there appears to be some level of business expense involved in the process, but, depending on your total business size, it shouldn’t be terribly expensive.

Meta’s Blueprint courses, in general, aren’t really difficult, though they do provide you with a good overview of the various elements of Meta’s systems, which it thinks is enough to then approve a full certification for businesses that reach these benchmarks.

“Once you are confirmed as a Certified Company, you will receive the following: confirmation of your achievement, your credential, guidance on bragging rights, and a trophy to display in your company office.”

Wow, a trophy, great!

The Wrap

If anything, it’s a potentially good way to showcase your Facebook and Instagram marketing expertise and win more business as a result. Interested in Meta’s new company certification? You can apply here. You can also find full overviews of the coursework required to meet training thresholds. Use the same portal to register your credentials once your staff completes their courses.