What trends do you think will be prevalent on Instagram next year? Meta weighed into that idea with its Instagram 2024 Trend Talk predictions, providing younger audiences with the top trends to watch. Instagram’s trend predictions build on what trends are in users’ Feeds and what they want to see more of. Instagram partnered with the WGSN to conduct a key survey across the U.S., U.K., Brazil, India, and South Korea.

IG Predicts That…

The Instagram 2024 trend talk predictions show an overview of the top rising trends across seven categories. Those categories include “Fashion and Beauty,” “Lifestyle,” “Social Media,” and more. Most trends Instagram points out are fairly common and regularly encountered in other Social Media guides.

Specifically within the Social Media category, Instagram suggests “meaningful connections” will get priority in 2024. Gen Z users plan to increase their Social Media use “to keep up with their friends and family.”

Staying on top of key trends is another focus for Social Media use. However, similar to what has been observed over the past few years, Social Media is becoming less and less “social.” Oddly enough, Social Media is migrating to more enclosed and private group interaction.

Here are the top fashion trend predictions for 2024:

  • Modest Dressing

  • Thrifting, Vintage, and Heirloom

  • Repeating Outfits To Be More Sustainable

  • Wearing Clothes In Unexpected Ways

  • DIY

Along with dating trends are other subjects, including the top 5 “icks,” food trends, celebrities, and more. It is an interesting overview of key trends among younger audiences. These trends are set to drive next-level shifts in various areas.

The Wrap

While many other elements also impact the Instagram 2024 trend talk predictions, it is worth noting where attention is turning. With younger audiences seemingly being the future of Social Media, it makes sense to pay attention to where they look. It might prove useful for your 2024 planning, providing additional guidelines for your content strategy.

Note that these are just predictions and do not point out anything definitive that will 100% happen. At most, use Instagram predictions to guide your 2024 marketing approach and align with likely shifts. Make sure to leave a slight overhead for adjustments, just in case uncertainties arise.