In a recent interview with Colin and Samir, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri delved into key factors shaping post reach and creator monetization strategies on the platform. Here’s an analysis of the insights shared and their implications for savvy marketers and creators alike.

The Dominance of Video Content

Mosseri emphasized the pivotal role of video on Instagram, noting that it now accounts for a significant portion of user engagement. Unlike platforms like YouTube and TikTok, Instagram aims to foster a participatory experience where users discover and share content within their networks. This approach underscores Instagram’s evolution from a static image platform to a dynamic video hub.

Shift Towards Personalized Content Discovery

Reflecting broader industry trends set by TikTok, Instagram has embraced a content discovery model that prioritizes personalized feeds over user-following graphs. Mosseri highlighted that a vast majority of content consumed on Instagram originates from accounts users do not follow directly. This shift challenges traditional feed algorithms, advocating for a more expansive content reach strategy.

Reevaluating Engagement Metrics

Mosseri introduced “Sends” as a critical metric for evaluating content performance on Instagram. The act of sharing content privately aligns with Instagram’s focus on fostering meaningful interactions. Short-form video content, in particular, facilitates seamless sharing among users, driving engagement through personal recommendations.

Content Ranking for Healthy Engagement

Addressing concerns about content quality, Mosseri proposed a hypothesis favoring privately shared content as inherently healthier and more conducive to positive engagement. This approach aligns with Meta’s broader strategy to cultivate a more beneficial social media environment by deprioritizing divisive topics like politics.

Creator Monetization and Platform Support

Instagram is actively enhancing its monetization systems to empower creators, particularly those who have not yet established a significant presence on other platforms. Mosseri underscored Instagram’s commitment to prioritizing individual creators over institutional publishers, reflecting a broader industry shift towards democratizing content creation.

Other Insights and Considerations

Mosseri touched upon various aspects influencing content visibility on Instagram, including:

  • The prevalence of silent video views.

  • Meta’s stance on platform bans and their implications for global social media dynamics.


Adam Mosseri’s insights offer a comprehensive view of Instagram’s evolving ecosystem and its implications for content creators and marketers. Understanding these dynamics—from video-centric engagement strategies to personalized content discovery and creator-centric monetization—is crucial for navigating Instagram’s competitive landscape effectively.

As Instagram continues to refine its algorithms and support mechanisms for creators, staying informed about these developments will be essential for leveraging the platform’s potential to maximize reach and engagement.

Moving Forward

For tech-savvy marketers and aspiring creators alike, adapting strategies to align with Instagram’s evolving landscape can unlock new opportunities for audience engagement and content visibility. By leveraging insights from Mosseri’s interview, creators can refine their approach to content creation and community engagement on Instagram, driving sustained growth and audience connection in a dynamic digital environment.