Security advocates have something to look forward to because Instagram is testing a new privacy element. The new feature in question allows you to hide your Instagram activity, should you choose. Social Media expert Matt Navarra shared examples of Instagram users being notified via a pop-up about hiding their likes. It seems to be a personal toggle option, so a fair bit of customizability is at play.

Hide in Plain Sight

The new option allows you to literally hide your Instagram activity, making them invisible to prying eyes. Alternatively, you can make your activity visible to only close friends. It is common practice nowadays to create alternative accounts to hide choice posts. With this update, you can hide certain activities you would not like specific people to see.

This new functionality provides users with an extra level of reassurance, helping them feel more comfortable engaging in the app. At the same time, it also helps Instagram align with the broader push towards more privacy. The same push has seen WhatsApp gain more traction in Western markets.

X offers the same functionality with X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue). X Premium subscribers can now hide their checkmark (blue tick) and likes if they want to. At least in X’s case, the option helps users feel more at ease in supporting different creators without potential stigma. Elon Musk takes it further by offering to pay the legal bills of unfairly treated employees because of liking or posting something on X.

In Musk’s case, such a move aligns with his free speech approach, facilitating more ‘hardcore’ in-app conversations. The same could also be applicable on Instagram, where users might now want others to know what they engage with. With that kind of framing, it does sound like it can be used to cover up sketchy activity. Then again, it is Social Media, and people should have freedom to control what they do with their content. Things like these are always a two-way street.

So, if you’re creeping on someone or engaging in controversial takes, you can hide your Instagram activity to circumvent judgment. Users can mask their activity from public view, which might appear shady, but can also avoid certain issues. Employment-wise, Social Media interaction can be iffy. This option helps you appease both sides, giving you freedom of expression while placating professional barriers.

The Wrap

There are countless instances where commenting or following a profile got someone in trouble. If you want to drop a subtle like here and a follow there, then this update is for you. Regardless of the reason, being able to hide your Instagram activity can come in handy. For the most part, the majority of the benefits of this function are for personal use.