Google has been in operation for a quarter of a century now. With that said, it is safe to assume that Google has at least 25 years’ worth of insights in its data banks. Reflecting on its ongoing legacy, Google published the latest edition of its “Year in Search” overview. “Year in Search” highlights the most-searched topics across various categories over the past year. In particular, this year’s edition showcases the top Google Search trends of 2023 and the last 25 years.

When At The Top…

The top Google Search trends of 2023 and the last 25 years provide an interesting summary. Google’s dedicated mini-site provides global and regional insights, along with interactive displays, games, and more.

As Google explains:

“Movie and TV shows captivated audiences this year, with “Barbie” and “The Last of Us” becoming the top trending movie and TV show, globally. They even inspired other top trends: Both “Barbie nails” and “Barbie outfits” were top trending searches in the U.S. in their categories. In fact, this year we were all here for the fashion trends — “it’s giving fashion” was the top trending “it’s giving.”

Surprisingly, Barbie became a huge hit this year, cementing its place in search rankings. Likewise, the color Pink also became a hot commodity. Google’s overview covers recipes, TV shows, movies, songs, and other categories. There are also “Top Apparel” and other trending search terms, which could help with your product planning. Furthermore, you can filter lists by region, getting more local insight into interests.

In addition, Google is also celebrating 25 years of Search with a new element dedicated to historic Search trends. The “Time Capsule” allows users to test their knowledge of key events of the last 25 years. Users can also take a trip down memory lane by watching a video summary of historic search trends. There are also year-by-year listings of the most searched actors, books, movies, etc.

The Wrap

There are some interesting trend notes here. Meanwhile, it is also interesting to see how various trends have evolved over the years. On the reality side of things, Google’s “Year in Search” is a reminder of how fast and how much things have changed. We are all getting old and that is fine because with age comes wisdom. The top Google search trends of 2023 and the last 25 years make for a reliable anthology of year’s worth of knowledge.