As part of the annual Black Friday celebrations, diverse creators can look forward to Google’s 4th Annual “Black Owned Friday” business showcase. The name, which should be self-explanatory, encourages shoppers to buy from smaller, local brands in the shopping process. Google’s “Black Owned Friday” program turns four this year, highlighting a certain level of success behind the initiative. “Black Owned Friday” helps shine a light on Black-owned and operated businesses, helping filter spending towards these companies.


As per Google:

“Black-owned Friday, created by Google in partnership with the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., is all about celebrating Black-owned businesses and encouraging everyone to search, shop and support Black-owned.”

The program comes with its own mini-site, as well as a new music video featuring actress Keke Palmer. Palmer teamed up with Google to reimagine the 90s pop classic “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters. In addition, the mini-site includes a showcase of products from various Black-owned businesses, increasing their brand awareness and exposure.

Google’s mini-site also comes with a dedicated search tool to help you find local businesses to support. Furthermore, it has a collection of tips and insights to help Black-owned brands maximize their seasonal promotions. Google’s 4th annual “Black Owned Friday” business showcase is a good initiative that aims to empower smaller brands. That could be important for smaller businesses to be able to compete with larger brands come Friday.

Since this is Google’s 4th time implementing the project, the core formula remains the same. While there might not be a lot of new additions or elements, having Google back your business up is its own advantage.

The Wrap

Black Friday often benefits larger retailers. Google hopes to help redistribute some of that traffic to these smaller SMBs. That is a positive move. Meanwhile, highlighting Black-owned organizations could help expand their reach and sales potential during this holiday season. It might not apply to you, but Google’s 4th annual “Black Owned Friday” business showcase could still be worth checking out. If you have family and friends of color who are struggling with their business, then this could be a turning point for them.