What’s this now? More Reddit news? Sign us up! Reddit has published some new insight into the value of the app as a product research tool, with Reddit reporting that it’s the top source that people trust when seeking information on apps. To be fair, we think that each platform says it’s the top destination for blah blah blah- you know, marketing things.

According to The Subreddit…

This could be key information for developers, while there are also some more general insights as to how people use Reddit for product research and the value that can be gleaned from Reddit user communities.

The focus, of course, is apps, and which ones to install, based on Reddit feedback. Regardless, insights are insights, and online, insights are a goldmine – there could be some important indicators for all brands here when considering the value of Reddit for brand building and promotion.

Fortunately, Reddit presented everything in a very Redditized infographic, which is actually good. Reddit opens up by traditionally presenting some key usage stats. 7 in 10 Redditors from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia do their research before installing a new app. Additionally, Redditors believe that Reddit is the place to be for Authentic Engagement (72%), Actionable Advice (72%), and Informed Decisions (80%).

There’s also a section that talks about how you can reach app explorers on Reddit. The overview states that brands have an opportunity to be front and center when Redditos do research. Granted, though that’s a conditional driver when it comes to trying out new apps across different categories, Redditors are very discerning users, which, regardless of the conditional spikes, is generally a good thing.

There’s a diagram that illustrates what Reddit thinks is a ‘Foolproof plan for Reddit activation’, which is basically how you can maximize reaching people across the various stages of the funnel. On this topic, Reddit notes three actions:

  • Intrigue – To captivate.

  • Educate – To inform/teach.

  • Empower  – To inspire/call to action.

The Wrap

While Reddit would be lower on the spectrum for marketers who prioritize social apps like Meta, TikTok, and YouTube, that’s not reason enough to simply dismiss it as not being worth giving attention to. To be fair, there are some golden nuggets to be uncovered from scouring the depths of Reddit. As highlighted by this ‘report’, there is plentiful insight to be had on Reddit that’ll help improve your brand’s reach and engagement rates. Trust, in particular, is a big factor that goes into brand-user relations. It’s time to add Reddit to your exploratory list.