Are you making use of customer reviews (as you should) in your marketing strategy? If not, then you should really reconsider – based on a recent study conducted by Emplifi, in collaboration with Harris Interactive, over 87% of consumers say that real-life customer reviews have a greater impact on user purchase activity than influencer or celebrity endorsements, or even direct brand ads.

The Customer Is ___

It does make sense. It’s always better for brands to hear and know about what people are really experiencing with a product or service. And with the prevalence of online scams, it’s even more important to get actual insight into what you’ll really get.

All in all, it’s a rather valuable consideration, and there are a heap more key notes and points that they’ve included in a summary infographic, which could change how you consider your promotional material. Before heading to the key points, you can read Emplifi’s full study here.

To note, Emplifi states 5 ‘steps’ on how you can develop and leverage consumer trust. They are:

  1. Consumer Devote Significant Time to Research.

  2. Reviews and Ratings From Real People Greatly Impact Interest.

  3. People Connect With Brands “Who Speak Their Language”.

  4. Authentic Brand Experiences Drive Purchase Decisions.

  5. Authenticity Fuels Brand Loyalty.

First, Emplifi talks about how authenticity often leads to the path to purchase and loyalty. Commissioning more than 2,000 social users, Emplifi created a survey to analyze those who buy things online. As results have yielded – reviews, ratings, and customer care were integral to their customer journey.

Emplifi also found that consumers devote significant time to research. 52% of those surveyed stated that they spend more than 15 minutes researching items priced between $5 – $20. This percentage lowers the more time users spend researching. Meanwhile, 55% say that they visit 3 – 9 websites to do additional product research when purchasing items priced $20 – $100.

These are but a few of the many other notable insights, but the main gist is that forming a form of relationship with your audience through interaction and feedback opens up more opportunities for your brand to better position and better sell its offerings.

“A key to the authenticity of reviews is photos and videos from real-life customers.”

The Wrap

The infographic’s layout remains consistent throughout and the information is presented neatly and is easy to read and understand, which is also an important element when aiming to provide professionals with reference material. There are some key insights here that help out both beginner and veteran marketers alike. Especially if you’re looking for baselines to compare to, Emplifi’s study should be right up your alley.