TikTok is the most popular Social Media app of the moment and is the entertainment capital of the world. Being #1 in the world has a lot of perks, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. TikTok’s rise to fame was unexpected, and despite recent attempts to ban it in the US, its momentum keeps gaining. 

TikTok has become so influential that it is now being used as a sales and advertising channel. While TikTok has yet to establish in-stream shopping as a major trend in the West, its meteoric rise has led to other shifts. If you are looking for a place to start growing online, then TikTok is a solid bet. However, you’ll need to learn from those who have cracked the code if you want to succeed. TikTok’s algorithms are some of the best to ever exist. Here are 31 TikTok influencers who have milked the algorithm for all it has to offer.


If you laugh, you lose; but they win. Turn smiles into potential sales by following these influencers:

Khabame Lame (@khaby.lame) – 162 million

Sitting at the #1 spot (and rightfully so) is the comedic genius that is Khabame “Khaby” Lame. Khaby was able to capture the hearts of international audiences without saying a word. Khaby is known for his skits that depict how to normally do outlandish solutions to regular things. His expressions and body language are everything!

Zach King (@zachking) – 80.2 million

Zach King is a Social Media legend. Having started since 2008, Zach caught his first big break on Vine (2013). Since then, Zach has come to be known for his expertise in creating special effects. Besides his creativity, Zach’s content is generally jovial and wholesome, which is something that everybody enjoys.

Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) – 58.2 million

Did you sing his name? Known as the famous singer and songwriter, Jason Derulo is also quite a talented skit creator. Jason has a diverse content range, offering viewers a selection of appealing and relatable clips. He also provides life updates and business tips. Huh, no wonder people follow the guy.

Won Jeong (@ox_zung) – 55.7 million

Won Jeong is a comedic Korean singer-influencer. Given how TikTok is primarily a sound-on environment, music is a much-welcomed medium on the platform. Won Jeon uses other people’s content, but remixes them to add his funny take. His edits are golden and meme-worthy.

Alina King (@homm9k) – 51.9 million

You might have run into Alina Kim back when she first began working with the influencer collective YOLO HOUSE. Alina developed her own name through lip-sync videos and comedic skits. Alina also has some funky dance moves, which is always a bonus.

By now, you should have an idea of how things work on TikTok. We will not bore you by listing all 31 people with short descriptions on who they are and what they do. The bottomline is that these 31 TikTok influencers have cracked the code behind TikTok’s algorithm. Learn from them by watching their content and taking note of the little details and techniques they use. It will take practice and a lot of patience, but it is a road that you can take.

If you are curious about who the rest are, follow them on TikTok below:


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The Wrap

While virality is one thing, it is not everything. On the internet, a day is enough to make a difference; you can be famous and have millions of viewers today, but have zero the day after. What TikTok tries to teach us here is that more than building a huge follower base is to maintain it. It is not enough to just get eyeballs. What is more important is how you keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. The people on this list are prime examples of such. Look at what works for these TikTok influencers and try to incorporate the same elements into your approach. While you’ll have to build the clout they have amassed over time, getting the winning formula gives you an advantage over the majority of your would-be competition.