What makes a blog post engaging and fun to read? Turning to AI tools like ChatGPT somewhat helps, but the issue with generative AI is that it is derivative. Generative AI uses a range of other works and references, making them witty but not very original. That being said, check out these three blog post templates from SEO expert SEMRush to complement your approach.

An Engaging Layout

Derived content can work for formatting and structure, but working on original material requires inspiration and direction. As an example, making content for your website will have greater resonance if you use original ideas. If you are looking to create more effective and engaging posts, then consider looking at these three blog post templates.

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The templates share an overview of effective content structuring, including a range of detailed tips on building blog posts. SEMRush made these templates in line with SEO and readability best practices. It is a guide worth looking at, and considering what elements you can incorporate in your blog posts.

The Wrap

Blogs may sound like old news, but, as people often claim, what is old is timeless. Though they may not fit in with your approach, blog posts can help improve your brand marketing. On that note, these three blog post templates (inspired by SEMRUsh) could give your strategy an engaging edge.