YouTube’s looking to capitalize on its rising usage on home TV sets, with the expansion of 30-second non-skippable ads to Connected TV campaigns. Regular YouTube ads, if you don’t have Premium, are already annoying, now imagine an unskippable 30-second version of them – on 50+ inch screens. Yikes.

We’ve already foreshadowed that this might be an annoyance for some viewers, but the capacity to use YouTube to reach people via the biggest screen in their house has big potential for marketers, with traditionally being the most effective avenue for broad-reach marketing.

Can’t Skip

Increasingly, YouTube is now able to facilitate the same, but with more advanced targeting options than traditional TV reach. As YouTube explains:

“We know that running longer-form creative on the big screen aligns with your objectives, and allows for richer storytelling. YouTube Select is now landing over 70% of impressions on the TV screen, so we’re making it easier for you to use existing assets in front of the most-streamed content. This format also seamlessly fits into what viewers already expect and experience on the big screen. Instead of seeing two:15 ads consecutively, they’ll see one:30 ad.”

So, the sell here is that this is supposedly better than the regular TV viewing experience – though again, whether or not viewers are receptive to the same remains to be seen. Still, it’s difficult to overlook the potential here. Based on Nielsen, YouTube is now the most-watched streaming service for TV in America, reaching over 150 million people on connected TVs across the nation.

That spells big potential, and it’s worth considering YouTube’s various CTV options when looking to maximize your audience reach. To add, YouTube’s also looking to add a new, interactive element to CTV campaigns. YouTube will also soon provide more opportunities to reach NFL fans, via exclusive NFL programming, while it’s also incorporating new AI tools, like voice-over, assisting your ad creative.

The Wrap

YouTube made the announcements at its Brandcast event this week, where it also showcased a range of rising content creators and the opportunities they provide for brand reach. Granted, while TikTok may be the most popular platform for short-form video content, YouTube remains the online video leader, and with over 2.5 billion active users, it’s worth considering how you can incorporate YouTube into your promotional efforts.