YouTube recently announced its latest round of tweaks and updates, including new insights into audience behavior, new tools for scanning through shorts clips, and more ways to recognize paying subscribers in-stream.

Short-Stacked Analytics

First off, YouTube’s rolling out yet another new analytics card in YouTube Studio which shows users the content formats their viewers are frequently engaging with the most in the app. The new insights break down user behaviors into consumption time within videos, Shorts, and Live. That could help guide your thinking on the types of videos to upload to maximize the amount of eyeballs you get.

It’s essentially a nudge towards Shorts, which is currently YouTube’s fastest-growing content format. Here’s the idea: by showing just how many of your viewers are engaging with Shorts, that’ll prompt you to try the same, which, ideally, would then increase the amount of Shorts content YouTube shows users.

While on the topic of Shorts, YouTube’s also added a new scrubber on Shorts clips, so that you can skim through them faster. To be fair, Shorts are restricted only to be a minute long, so it’s not like users have to sit through a lot to get to the part they actually want to see. Given our ever-reducing attention spans, it makes sense to provide an easy option for scanning through Shorts clips, saving us a few more precious seconds.

The scrubber bar will appear on all Shorts clips 30 seconds or longer, and will also be accessible when you pause shorter clips. Also, on Shorts, YouTube’s adding more insight into content remixes, and remixes of remixes, to better help creators understand how people are interacting with their Shorts clips. The data will show you how your Shorts reach is expanding, giving you more specific insight into how people are finding your Shorts content.

On another front, YouTube’s also adding a new Super Thanks decoration in YouTube Studio’s comment stream to help creators differentiate between subscriber comments and comments from other viewers. This should help you recognize your paying fans, which does play a role in encouraging more engagement and Super Thanks activity in the future.

The Wrap

The last update is about YouTube adding more insight into its revenue breakdown screen within YouTube Studio, providing more insight into where your channel income is coming from. As usual, these are some handy and highly appreciated insights from YouTube and its team, which will provide more ways to manage and maximize your YouTube content. Again, Shorts are the focus, and it’s worth noting the continued emphasis on Shorts from YouTube, and considering what that means for your posting strategy, moving forward.