With the amount of news we get about Twitter on the weekly lately, we can pretty much publish a Twitter-only blog website so that we can talk about each and every update in detail. But that’s more a side thought. Let’s get to the actual news – with Twitter essentially dumping its comms department, there’s nowhere for Twitter users to go to get the latest information about its latest features and updates.

So, here’s the punch – this week, Twitter appears to have launched a new in-stream boost option for Tweets, which provides a simple way for users to Tweet without having to launch a full ad campaign.

Quickly Now!

Screenshots posted by Jonah Manzano (shared by Matt Navarra), the new boost option would be available directly from a Tweet. One has to simply tap through, select a budget, and you’d be able to boost your Tweet on the spot. While it seems mostly new, it also somehow feels familiar. Nevertheless, the thought of an option that would allow you to easily amplify your ads, outside of having to launch full campaigns, does shave its benefits.

In a way, it’s much like Twitter’s Quick Promote option, albeit more streamlined, with new visuals and a new UI for boosting Tweets directly from the details screen. While it does seemingly appear like a new addition, again, with no one at Twitter to ask, it’s hard to really confirm. In the meantime, what we’re able to infer is that this new Twitter ad process, which could provide another way to set an objective, a budget, and basic targeting parameters to reach a broader audience in the app.

Based on this very limited information, this new add-on could come in handy, depending on performance, there may well be some Tweets that you just want to quickly boost and push them out to more people, without launching a full campaign. It could also be a good way for Twitter to rake in a couple of extra ad dollars, and it might just be worth experimenting with it to see what results you can get, based on the simplified launch process.

The Wrap

If the option does indeed become available, then it could present a lot of opportunities for those with access. We would ask Twitter if possible, but alas, for the time being, such a thought remains a luxury. So, the most we can put is that you have a 50-50 chance of seeing it. If there’s anything we can go by, it’s that learning that there’s currently an ongoing test, then it’s possible that Twitter’s new ‘Quick Boost’ option will eventually end up being a thing than not.