TikTok’s looking to take its musical elements to the next level with the launch of a new ‘StemDrop’ initiative which will provide TikTok users with the opportunity to remix a new song and create their own version of the track. As TikTok puts it:

“StemDrop launches in collaboration with one of the greatest songwriting teams in history, led by Max Martin. TikTok creators globally are exclusively provided with music ‘stems’ and invited to produce their own versions of a brand-new song titled ‘Red Lights’ written by the prolific hitmakers.”

Musically v2.1.0

However, for those of us who are not musicians and are not familiar with the process, what exactly does the ‘Stem’, at least in this context, mean? Here’s what EpidemicSound has to say:

“Music stems are a type of audio file that breaks down a complete track into individual mixes. This allows you, as a creator, to control each of the particular mixes for your production.”

Music stems essentially enable you to listen to individual elements of a song in isolation – instruments, melody, bass, and drums. That can be helpful for recording covers with your own vocals and for building customized versions for specific use, remixes, etc. So it’s not the raw audio elements that producers use to mix their tracks, but are instead grouped parts that provide more flexibility in how you make use of the sounds.

Now, TikTok is looking to facilitate a new stem remix process in the app, providing new ways to engage with music and facilitate all new music interaction among TikTok creators.

“Revolutionizing global music collaboration, StemDrop will act as an incubator for new talent, artistry, and creativity by giving the opportunity for all artists and music creators, from anywhere in the world, the opportunity to collaborate with some of the very best and most iconic songwriting talents of all time.”

TikTok mentions that there will also be a new ‘StemDropMixer’, powered by Samsung, that will be made available in the app, ‘where creators of all levels can experiment with individual effects, harmonies, and melodies to create and upload their own unique version of the song’.

The Wrap

It sounds like a rather interesting push, eventually providing new opportunities for creating custom versions of popular tracks to better align with your clips. While it may only be in its early stages, it might also one day enable brands to build more aligned musical elements for their promotions, making TikTok a much bigger platform to consider. TikTok is set to launch the first stage of StemDrop on October 26th, with stems for Max Martin’s new song.

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