TikTok is the trending app of the moment, which, of course, also now has many brands looking into the opportunities for TikTok for advertising, along with how they can tap into the power and influence of TikTok to maximize their promotions. To aid this, TikTok recently commissioned a new set of measurement studies with third-party partners, across various verticals, for a new series that it calls ‘TikTok Works’.

It Does Work

TikTok has recently published the first set of results from its TikTok Works Initiative, with data on CPG performance, the increasing role that TikTok’s playing in discovery, and how the platform can help boost overall brand awareness. Let’s first go over Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). TikTok says that analysis from Nielsen has shown that TikTok drives strong return on ad spend and sales efficiency for CPG brands.

“According to the studies, the US saw a 96% higher paid media ROAS versus all digital media measured in the models, and almost three times the offline sales efficiency. Other regions such as the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia also saw similar increases.”

TikTok also has an expanded study with NCS, finding out that TikTok ads in the beauty, personal care, and food & beverage categories generated the same amount of incremental dollars per 1,000 impressions as TV ads. It makes sense that TikTok would be good for CPG brands, seeing as how the format underlines immediacy and has an impact. The data here adds further weight to this aspect, which could factor into your planning.

TikTok also commissioned research group Fairing to look into the increasing role that it’s playing in product discovery – an important aspect that even Google recently acknowledged. TikTok further notes that KnoCommerce reports 81% of all attribution surveys conducted in May 2021 included TikTok as an option, a major element for marketers to consider.

Lastly, TikTok also worked with Kantar to analyze how TikTok ads compare to TV campaigns in driving brand and product awareness.

“According to the Kantar Link AI analysis, more than 3,500 measured TikTok ads outperformed their own digital and TV norms by 15–20% on multiple metrics, including persuasion (the likelihood an ad will drive immediate brand predisposition) and enjoyment (the resonance and appreciation of an ad).”

The Wrap

All of this makes sense when you consider how people now consume media. Many children under 13 no longer watch TV nowadays and prefer spending their time online. TikTok has been identified as a key entertainment platform, further rationalizing its overtaking of traditional TV. These are some potentially useful insights that could help inform your TikTok marketing approach.

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