Amid rising concerns about climate change, and how we can all contribute to improving our planet’s future, sustainability has now become a much bigger focus and topic of discussion, which also relates to brand messaging, and including critical environmental info in your ads.

You’ll Manage

On this front, coming up with the right messaging can have a big impact in regards to improving response and awareness while also helping to build your brand’s reputation. To measure the impact of this, Pinterest recently conducted a study of 54 campaigns that included sustainability messages to better understand how they impact consumer response.

As Pinterest explains:

“We found that 94% of sustainable campaigns lifted Pin awareness compared to 84% of non-sustainable campaigns. And importantly, these campaigns drove action intent: Campaigns with sustainable messaging were 2.4x more likely to lift action intent vs non-sustainable campaigns.”

That may even be more impactful on Pinterest specifically, with Pinterest also noting that Pinners are 63% more likely than those not on the platform to say that knowing the product or company is environmentally friendly is a driver for their purchases. As such, incorporating environmental messaging into your campaigns could be a good driver of response, and improved engagement with Pinterest users.

So, how do you go about highlighting sustainability elements in your Pin content? Well, for one thing, Pinterest says that ads should have a clear visual focus on eco-friendly behavior.

“Choose the right imagery to illustrate the purpose and match your color palette to your green ambitions to help build awareness and trust.”

Pinterest also says that brands should use statistics, while also providing tips on how to live sustainably, in relation to their products. To add to this, Pinterest has also added new sustainability ad targeting options to its campaign set-up tools.

The Wrap

It’s definitely worth noting the shift towards environmentally-conscious products, and how that relates to your business. The right messaging on this front could have a huge impact, while also contributing to greater awareness and action. For more information, you can read more about Pinterest’s sustainability study here.