Did you know that January 28 is also Data Privacy Day? To mark the event, Meta is urging users to review their privacy settings, while also looking to highlight its various initiatives to help protect users, and give people more control over their data usage. Admittedly, while a good move, privacy has never really been one of Meta’s strong suits. Remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? Hopefully, Meta has learned a few lessons since then.


Since the scandal, Meta has gone to extra lengths to better protect user insights, ensuring that such information doesn’t fall into the hands of organizations that might seek to use people’s inherent traits against them, then manipulate their actions based on the same.

True enough, the latest version of Meta’s Privacy Progress Update has provided an overview of its various initiatives designed to better protect user data and information. Those include:

For Data Privacy Day, Meta will be notifying users to undertake a privacy checkup, which will take them through various elements that they can control, as well as prompt them to review their settings. Meta will also be touting its evolving encryption push in messaging, which is its own can of worms.

Still, it’s difficult to argue that people shouldn’t have more privacy if they choose. While encryption could also protect criminals from detection in Meta’s apps, ensuring that regular users can feel confident that Big Brother isn’t watching them. At least in this sense, messaging will better replicate real-world conversation.

The Wrap

Honestly, it’s a difficult area, as there are solid arguments against providing mass-scale communication options that can disguise harmful activity. Regardless, it’s another element in Meta’s evolving privacy tools. As user expectations shift on this front and more and more are seeking extra options that grant them more insight as to how their data is used.