It looks like LinkedIn has a few tricks up its sleeves, too. Well, more like treats, rather than tricks. LinkedIn has announced some new updates to its Audience Networks ads, which will make it easier to connect with LinkedIn users outside of its main app. LinkedIn’s Audience Networks enables you to expand your campaigns to third-party websites that have partnered with LinkedIn to display LinkedIn ads.


This update can potentially help you boost your brand awareness among professionals, with millions of exposure opportunities across the web. Now, LinkedIn has added some tweaks to improve the display of your Audience Network content. First up is that LinkedIn will now automatically optimize your Audience Network campaigns to better align with the presentation of each website.

As LinkedIn explains:

“Naturally, all third-party apps and sites have their own looks and layouts. But you won’t have to manually repurpose your ad’s structure or creative, because the LinkedIn Audience Network automatically optimizes how ads are rendered based on the screen and placement of the publisher.”

This should ensure a more professional presentation in different contexts. LinkedIn’s also giving advertisers more control over where their ads appear via its Brand Safety Hub. To add to this, LinkedIn also has its own built-in brand safety elements to safeguard your business, along with regularly updated checking processes.

“Advertisers are able to see a full listing of third-party publishers where their content might appear. You can also create your own allow lists and blocklists, and apply custom brand safety settings through the new Brand Safety hub.”

Lastly, LinkedIn’s also rolling out new formats for Audience Network ads, with advertisers now able to run Video and Carousel ads, on top of single-image promotions.

“Brands can also pursue a variety of objectives with their campaigns, from growing brand awareness to driving website conversions. You can then easily track pertinent metrics to measure your progress against those objectives.”

The Wrap

LinkedIn’s Audience Network could be a valuable consideration, with over 271 million LinkedIn members only engaging on the LinkedIn Audience Network. That could help expand your messaging, thus leading to better results for your campaigns. It might be a small update in the grander scheme of things, but it nonetheless helps boost your overall LinkedIn efforts. Something to definitely consider for your planning.