Not sure what to get friends and family this Christmas? Well, don’t worry, there are many who are in the same boat. For those of you looking for some gifting ideas and inspiration, then this might help – Google has recently published its annual listing of the top 100 gift ideas, based on 2022 searches. Google’s Top 100 includes a range of product insights and trends tips, including notes on specific anomalies in Search behavior over the past year.

What’s Your List? 

Google’s Top 100 listing is split into six categories, allowing users to check out the top trending products in each sector. Those six categories are: 

  • Home & Garden
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Gaming & Electronics 
  • Beauty
  • Toys & Crafts
  • Health & Fitness

Each individual product displayed includes an overview of trend data from Google and links to start shopping, then and there. Of course, it’s not a Google list if it doesn’t offer users a way to search. You can also explore by trends, giving you another way to view the most popular, rising product searches for 2022.

It’s an interesting look at what’s gaining traction, which could also inform your product developing or marketing efforts moving forward. If you notice a certain product that’s trending in your niche, maybe that’s something that you could look to highlight in your ads. Then again, it could also give you inspiration for your future concepts. 

Either way, it’s an interesting overview of what a year on Search would have most likely looked like, along with one interesting perspective on what people are looking to buy, post-pandemic. 

If these are the times we live in now, then times have changed indeed. COVID, of course, continues to linger, and there remains a level of risk, which continues to influence people’s behavior, as you can see, to a varying degree, the trends, which is also worth noting in your research.

The Wrap

Besides serving as last-minute gift inspirations, remember that the items included in Google’s list also happened to be the top 100 most searched products throughout 2022, which offers a lot of insights for digital advertisers, marketers, and businesses who dabble into retail. At face value, it’s a highly useful update; it doesn’t add anything functionally, but as a seasonal tool, it becomes invaluable for those looking to close the year strong.