Google had just expanded its ‘All In’ marketing toolkit to include more insights on accessible marketing, helping ensure advertisers to consider accessibility within their outreach projects.

As Google explains:

“People are exposed to around two million ads per year, but many say they don’t see themselves or their community accurately represented in them. Everybody deserves to feel a sense of belonging. As marketers, it’s our job to make sure the stories we tell are fully inclusive. This also means making our marketing accessible so that all disabled people, 15% of the global population, can fully access and engage with our content, products, and experiences.”

All In!

Google’s All In mini-site includes a range of helpful tips and notes on how you can maximize inclusion in your marketing approach, across various categories. Google’s All In platform essentially allows you to view audience insights from various demographics, from age, to veterans, to underrepresented groups such as the LGBTQ+ and Blacks. Each of these segments provides an overview of the key accessibility considerations for that particular audience, which have been developed in partnership with disability inclusion experts, as well as influential industry.

One of the sections of the site touches exactly on this, sharing with viewers how they can craft better web experiences. Four major considerations are:

  • Consider the limits of overlays.

  • Check that the layout is linear and logical.

  • Check which websites are fully accessible via keyboard-only activation and screen reader.

  • Ensure all text is legible, both for font and color.

Google has also partnered with more organizations and groups to include even more perspectives and insights, helping ensure that marketers are across the key considerations.

The Wrap

It may not be a major update, nor is it something that’s really social media-bound, but this makes for a good resource and possesses a range of valuable and practical tips to help improve your campaign’s accessibility, which could play a key role in maximizing both community and reach.

Google’s All In insights are definitely worth considering in your strategic planning, check out the mini-site and more All In details here.

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