How effective do you think your current Social Media marketing strategy is? Have you incorporated the latest data in your campaigns and general approach? While there are several ways that you can refine your strategy to maximize results, there are always core disciplines that form the backbone of any plan. If you’re looking to tweak your strategy to optimize it for 2023, then MDG Advertising might have just what you’re looking for.

The Core Focus

A team from MDG Advertising shares their Social Media tips in a nice infographic, which breaks things down into 8 primary elements:

  • Strategy

  • Auditing

  • Technology

  • Paid Media

  • Content Development

  • Customer Response

  • Compliance and Risk Assessment

  • Measurement


Everything begins with strategy. Without a clear idea of why you’re starting and where you aim to go, you’ll only work but not get equivalent results. This involves understanding your business goals and carefully tweaking your customer segment profiles.


Auditing on social media isn’t quite like financial auditing. This element involves knowing what works for both your firm/s and those of your competitors. Determine what should be replicated and what should be ignored, as well as what areas are either opportunities or risks.


Technological advancement and innovation are key to progress. If you want to keep up on Social Media, then you must also increase your technological capacity, such as integrating e-commerce elements and improving your graphic layouts.

Paid Media

The current name of the game. If you want to get big on Social Media, then you have to come to grips with the dynamics of social spend.

Content Development

Can’t bloom on Social Media without content, now, can you? Your brand strategy is only as good as what you post, so be sure to ensure that you maintain quality control and are supported by some great editors.

Customer Response

Social platforms are not just for content delivery; they also double as customer service channels. Make sure that you deliver high-quality service at both speed and scale.

Compliance and Risk Assessment

It can be easy to overlook established rules in favor of higher engagement and expanded reach, but be sure to avoid this pitfall as circumventing regulation can more easily lead to long-term degradation, as opposed to growth.


Most people tend to overlook this, thinking that doing it at the end is easier. Always measure accurately; every observation, every statistic, and every piece of analytics insights – be sure to gather them properly and have them undergo thorough analysis to make sure that you stay on track.

The Wrap

Fairly simple, but as MDG Advertising notes, the key to succeeding on Social Media doesn’t come from mastering just one of these areas. If you want to get as much out of your Social Media efforts as possible, then paying close attention to each of these eight disciplines will bring you about eight steps closer to achieving social stardom. It’s not easy getting to the top, but the challenge and the journey can sometimes be their own rewards.